How to Twist and Wrap your Infinity dress or NEW Winter Wrap Dress:

Once you have purchased your new dress you can now design your own styles to suit your body shape! Visit our tutorial page with our favourite designs to get you started: www.infinitydress-tutorials.co.za . Remember to have fun and style your dress with extra's such diamonte brooches to glam your dress for special occassions!

Click on the link to watch a video demonstration on how the Infinity Dress works! : infinity-dress.co.za 

The NEW Infinity Winter Wrap Dress: Be the first of your friends to own a NEW design Infinity Winter Wrap Dress. This unique dress can be worn in 10 different styles! Delivered throughout South Africa and worldwide. To see a video demonstration on how to wrap your new Winter Wrap Dress please click here or on the link and scroll down to watch the second video: www.infinity-dress.co.za 


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